Saturday, October 17, 2009

Buspar (Buspirone)

Pharmacological action - anxiolytic, antidepressant. Selectively blocks presynaptic dopamine receptor and raises speed of excitation dopamine neurons average brain, selectively activate (partial agonist) serotonin receptors subtype 1А (5-НТ1А).
I will tell about the operational experience with Buspar. As anxiolytic Buspar it is not justified both because of side effects, and because of ignorance of many doctors about specificity of work with this preparation: action develops in a current of month, and at patients preliminary treated benzodiazepines can be stretched and on much longer. It is good for combining at the beginning with a day lung benzodiazepine and especially with Phenibut - it strengthens action Buspar and eliminating many side effects, shortens approach term anxiolytic effect. The reason of underestimation Buspirone is non-observance of the scheme of reception as the doctor, and the patient: in the beginning it is given 10-15mg in the day, broken into three receptions, sometimes it is effective in second half of day to give during the lunchtime and a supper on 5mg, and for the night - 10mg. Side effects especially in the first days it is weariness, nervousness, a nausea, vomiting, pains in right hypochondrium etc. (From outside G.I. tract); Nasal bleedings, instability of arterial pressure, change of hepatic parametres - all it meets. It is often observed tachypnea and tachycardia (perhaps, in 100 % of cases) - but it is all passes quickly enough. The preparation is heavy enough - can be used even as soporific. It is transferred approximately as well as SSRI, but it is easier and with the specificity... The Main highlight of a preparation - analgetic activity! Expectancy effect - the big obstacle, but a preparation it is capable to kill the most different pains, and even muscle relaxantions!
Has forgotten to mention the most important side effect! This special dizziness which develops at the first receptions and especially in the big dose, it can cause a faint in some. Terrible in this dizziness anything especially is not present - it soon passes, and in the course of treatment disappears, but can strongly frighten. Therefore I would recommend to those who will use this preparation as anxiolytic, the first receptions to spend in a quiet place as at head assignment this very unpleasant phenomenon though lasts not for long aside is observed.

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