Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sonapax (Thioridazine)

Weak universality neuroleptics are mainly used in chronic schizophrenia, intrusive state, endogenous depression, states of psychomotor excitation of different genesis; neuroses accompanied by tension, excitation, intrusive state and a sense of fear, ticks, withdrawal symptoms when substance abuse and chronic alcoholism.
Sonapax also has anxiolytic and antidepressive activity, reduces feelings of tension and anxiety. It has a moderate antipsychotic, antiemetic, antihistamines, adrenoblocking, holinoblocking action.
The main feature of this drug is a broad spectrum of its actions in the various manifestations of affective disorders. Sonapax reliably eliminates the anxiety, fear, aggressive tension, the state of manic exaltation. In fact, this drug should be considered as unique for its diversity of effects, speaking as a tranquilizer, as neuroleptics, as antidepressant. Sonapax appointed for the treatment of psychotic disorders, anxiety, behavioral disturbances and for the treatment of depressive symptoms. The effectiveness of its so obvious, the more pronounced affective components in the structure of psychopathological syndrome.
In sonapax generally well tolerated, serious side effects are almost not observed in the application of medium and especially small doses. However, in the appointment of high doses and prolonged admission is possible, though extremely rare, manifestation of arterial hypotension, particularly orthostatic, kardiotoksic effects, sometimes in violation of rhythm, which have a functional and reversible. Neuroendocrine violations may occur in the form of increases in weight, dysmenorhea, lactorhea. Of the neurological side effects very rarely, and probably in the latter stages of therapy may occur akathisia, violation of muscle tone and dyskinesia.

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