Saturday, May 23, 2009

Serenal (Oxazepam, Tazepam)

Serenal On a structure and pharmacological properties it is similar with Elenium and Valium, less sharp an effect, than Valium however has. Oxazepam is a little less toxic, it miorelaxant the effect is less expressed, anticonvulsive properties weak. It is in certain cases transferred better, than Valium and Elenium. Apply at neurosises, psychopathys, neurosis-like and psychopathy-like conditions, and also at infringements of a dream and convulsive conditions.
On what would be desirable to pay attention. Often a preparation underestimate, as "not expressed, greased effect" is sometimes observed false is нетак. Serenal - powerful enough the BD, but action after intake comes gradually it it is important to consider, since it is possible and to overdose to reach (!) At intake 10-20 mg a preparation, its initial action starts to be felt within 20-30 minutes - many wrongly believe that it and is "action Oxazepam", no, completely action Serenal reaches peak after an hour-two (!). At monotherapy, or in a complex about the antidepressants, it is necessary to consider that to a preparation tolerance (not dependence) quickly enough develops, and at application of it a BD it is necessary to distribute carefully dosages on a course. In the first days "starting" doses - 10-20 mg are appointed, and the next days the daily dose of a preparation should be increased, however thus it is necessary to consider a condition of a liver of the patient - if there not everything is all right it is better to use more high-speed and strong, demanding small doses, the BD as Serenal the liver strongly enough can strain and GI tract as a whole - can be observed a pain in the field of a liver, discomfort, anausea, vomiting - consider that it already metabolite, and its action in an organism specific rather. I met glue sniffers who accepted on 20 tablets on time, and were dissatisfied with action, however after some hours many of them appeared either in resuscitation, or in SSRI (because of a coma, or inadequate behaviour after effect "disclosing" Oxazepam after some hours). At combinations with analgetics it is necessary to consider some tardive effect approaches - Serenal it is perfectly combined with psychoactive drug which reach the maximum concentration in blood after an hour-two: tablets Oxazepam can be drunk successfully in common with many SSRI (which not ingibit the enzymes of a liver responsible for a metabolism Tazepam - I such the antidepressants do not know even among SSRI - basically they are successfully combined with Oxazepam, but
nevertheless effect of a DB less we will feel - I write off it on activity the antidepressant).
So, after intake, preparation action develops in a current of hour-two, and lasts long enough, but it is less expressed than at Valium that, on the one hand does not promote abusing this BD, however in a current of course of treatment the effect quickly enough dies away, and escalating of doses is required is, clearly, badly, therefore it is necessary to calculate very carefully preparation dosages smoothly to begin, finish to an admissible maximum, and then smoothly to lower these dosages. At the beginning the preparation is perfectly combined with many SSRI at people in whom SSRI cause agitation and insomnia in the first days; on a hand plays smoothness of action Serenal, and a course of a preparation it is quite enough for achievement of effect of many the antidepressants.

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