Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sulpiride (eglonyl, dogmatil)

As for my patients - the product is good, especially in the treatment of endogenous depression. And given its somatic effect is not fear of serious complications from the gastro intestinal tract. Another point is that the drug induce and prolactinemia and parkinsonism. Long-term treatment, must have for the treatment of mental illness has. Therefore have to appoint a short course of medication.

The drug has a very broad spectrum of activity. In his depressions have different combinations of antidepressants, according to the clinical picture of depression. Given that the majority of AD did not show his timoleptic actions eglonil well as tactical medicine (AD effect fairly soon), and combined well at the doses of 100-200 mg / day with melipramin, amitriptilin, pirazidol, serotoninergic AD fine. Unfortunately, the duration of treatment is limited hyperprolactinemia, but only some.

Sulpirid most (compared to others) raises the level of prolactin. This may be linked such things as ginekomasty and "impotence". Although impotence in the full sense of the word is hardly can be described as following the lifting of the drug after some time, everything should be back to normal. That if these side effects will be celebrated.

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