Sunday, February 1, 2009

Atarax (Hydroxyzine)

Atarax - not benzodiazepin tranquilizer, but only in exchange for the use of individually tailored doses. This is a drug structurally similar to cinnarizinе and dimedrol, and also has an intermediate effect: it has a sedative effect thanks to central holinolitic effects and can be used in sleeping problems. At the outset of the preparation is expressed sedative component, but soon he has a better anxiolytic effect has analgetics effect, and may be useful in the treatment of neurotic states.
Characterized expressed sedative effect and moderate anxiolytic activity. Has a positive effect on cognitive ability, improves memory and attention. With no long-term admission syndrome cancel. Has also antiholinergic, spasmolytic, antihistaminic effect. Relaxes smooth muscle, has bronhodilatirytic and analgetics effect, and provides anti miorelaksant effect and a moderate inhibitory effect on gastrointestinal secretion. Reduces itching with hives, eczema, dermatitis et al.
Sedative effect is usually observed after 10-45 min after ingestion (depending on dosage form), antihistamines - over 1 h after ingestion. In patients with liver diseases antihistamines effect can last up to 96 hours. Use to couping anxiety, psychomotor excitation, internal tension, irritability, with neurological, psychiatric (generalized anxiety and a violation of adaptation) and somatic diseases; abstinence alcohol syndrome; premedication and post-operative period (in a combination therapy), pruritus (symptomatic treatment).
Atarax - this is an excellent tool in drug abuse, it is well to appoint, with neuroses with the agitation and insomnia. It is well combined with nootropic. This is a drug for certain cases, but it anxiolitic, though, and has sedative effect.
Atarax in connection with the sedative effect is contraindicated in persons who drive a car, works requiring great concentration of attention or to complex mechanisms (like other tranquilizers!) Now in the course of many atypical, selective anxiolytics-allosteric modulators of receptors of GABA etc - afobazol, etifoksin, mexidol and others. And you need to consult a doctor, describe the problem.

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